Deleting contents in a Date field

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Good morning,


There is some peculiar behavior in a SharePoint Online list that I am hoping a can get some help with. Here's the scenario:


I have a pretty standard list that I created to track documents and follow-ups. This list includes some date fields for tracking items. Lately though, when I try to delete the contents in some of the fields SharePoint won't remove the contents. When I'm in the list item it shows it as removed but as soon as I save the list item the dates reappear.


I don't need those dates anymore but I can't seem to get rid of the dates in them (they are not mandatory fields). Any ideas? 


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We are experiencing the same issue, in fact it's not just being able to delete the date field it's affecting being able to type a date at all, you are forced to use the date picker to update the value.

This seems like a recently introduced bug - how can we go about making Microsoft aware of the issue to get a possible fix?


I did find a "workaround" to it - change the List Experience (under Advanced Settings) to Classic, delete the contents (or add new) and then Save.  After that, I changed the List Experience settings to New Experience and everything is a-one.


I have learned with SharePoint Online that this workaround seems to fix a few issues I have encountered with my SharePoint sites - views not displaying properly, weird behavior in some data fields etc. It doesn't work all the time but enough now so that it's become my first go-to solution when encountering strange SharePoint behavior. In fact, even though the default value in List Experience is "Default Experience for this site", changing it to New Experience will become my first configuration when setting up new lists and libraries. I am beginning to believe this is where the problem is.



That worked! I updated the Library to classic experience, and then back to default and afterwards I could type in a date again, seems to reset it as you say.


Thank you for replying with the workaround, big help. I also raised a ticket and sent video of this to a Microsoft support tech, so perhaps when they take a look at it they'll be able to figure out the root cause. I wouldn't get our hopes up though.