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I have created a library of confidential folders and limited access to our business partners. Every folder belongs to a different engineering unit and eventually, our colleagues from the engineering team would need access to relevant folders of their expertise to work on them. But as I took away their access rights, they see an empty folder whenever they open these folders. How can I create a "You need access to reach this folder" page for them, so that they can demand request per relevant folder but won't see the empty folder. 


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Yigit Yürüker

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@Yigit_Yuruker I don't think this is something that can be handled out of the box. Here's a user voice that is suggesting to hide the webpart when that behavior occurs - 


I think the only way to potentially handle it would be to write a SharePoint Workbench app to detect the scenario within the page context (no documents showing), test for permissions, and then display a link to a form to request access for that context.

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Thank you for the hint! It is very disappointing to see this problem has been still an issue even though first suggestion came on Dec. 2017.


I hope SharePoint team would find a solution soon.