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I would like to ask you a question, I am using the modern mode of SharePoint and I would like to create a Corporate FAQ. 


I would like to add: the required field to fill, such as "Category", "Subcategory", "Question title" and also Questions with details.

I would like, everyone could comment/answer a question. But I also would like to have something like this : 

-the homepage, with categories and a "ask question" button or "New discussion",

-pages which are category, which contains the link to subcategories pages, recent questions asked

-in the subcategories, all questions included in this category


But, when you are responding to a question, I would like to add pictures / excel file or even Power BI file


I have not found this kind of FAQ for a modern version of SharePoint yet.


So when they click on "Ask question" they should field required fields


Thank you very much for your help, and have a nice day!


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@Medhi-RC Yes this is all quite doable. The way we do it in my company is with a form in Microsoft Forms, a flow in Power Automate and a SharePoint list.

1. We have a quick link on the intranet homepage that opens a form in Microsoft Forms for staff to select the workstream and ask their question. For the FAQs staff can't upload a file, but for other systems where we use the same process, for example our IT Ticketing System, they can. That's one of the advantages of asking the question via Forms and of course it's easy to make questions required or not.





2. A flow in Power Automate saves each response into a SharePoint list and sends a confirmation email back to the responder with the question they asked, and it also sends an email to the relevant Director alerting them to the question.




The flow is as follows:





 We then display the questions and answers from the List on a page using the list web part with custom JSON-formatting.  If you create views of the list for each category you can then easily add each category of questions onto its own page.




Do come back with any questions about this.


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Hi, Thank you very much for your response!