Create a Voting feature in a List?

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Looking to create a list that alows for voting on an item.


With all of the new features I thought I'd see if anyone had tackled this before.


The goal is to essentially create a "Uservoice" for internal products.

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Is this a classic list or a modern one? Anyway, in both cases you will need a developer to help you:
(1) For classic lists, some JSLINK code should be enought
(2) For modern lists, you would need SPFx Extensions
Thanks! Sounds like a good one for me to learn SPFx Extensions!
would using the rating setting and setting it to likes work? Each user would then get one vote or like for an item.
is that feature still around in O365? I like the simplicity! (ha, I said like)

Yep, still there. Maybe in combination with the Community Site features to create threads than can be discussed and liked and/or voted?

It should be located at the App (list or library) settings level. Under the "General Settings" section there should be a link called "Ratings Settings", from there you can enable it for that given App/List/Library.

Eric, May I ask, what solution did you land on? We are looking into a very similar scenario and I'm gathering ideas. So far, I am leaning towards the Rating feature on SharePoint Lists. Thanks!

Have you considered using a PowerApp over the list. You can then create screens to show top voted, track individuals vote count without writing code. There is an ideas sample app in Powerapps that shows how this could work.
With the new PowerApp web part you could then embed it in a page when it is released.
I haven't yet. I did a trial of Aha! and it has it in there and it distracted me. :)

Essentially I want UserVoice. Which they have in Aha!.

I am thinking about a Flow + Forms + list potential. (propensity to over-engineer)

But ratings sure is quick. I need to flesh this out a bit more. I just tested to confirm that a "rater" doesn't need edit rights, so that's good.

If I can grab the rating data through Flow then it could be a good one.

Sorry but why do not use directly the Office 365 dedicated tool for that kind of usage:

That is the best option and probably for the future evolution.

The SP survey list will be less and less used and the Vote/star option into an SPList is really limited.



The challenge I see with this is a form is a one-time occurrence. I am looking for a list of items that can be added to and voted on over a longer period of time. Like User Voice.

Do see Forms being able to mimic User Voice? Maybe I am missing a feature.

I do think Forms could be part of the solution. It would be the voting part and the list would keep an aggregate of the data.

Dear Eric,

after reflection, I can understand your point and the voting system implemented into uservoice is not so simple to reproduce into SPO.

The Forms option will send a survey and the result will be only visible by the form creator, the other one can not see the vote yet given, and can not comment the idea

The option could be to look the Blog site (giving the vote and comment option) with the contribution permission opened to all, the comments can be posted and the likes can be enable.


The work will be on the idea display you have to order by "Likes" to show the first voted one.


Could be a solution.


Otherwise, look the cost to sign a contract with Uservoice as SaaS supplier :)



I am going to use Flow to aggregate the response back to a list. Allowing the form to a vehicle to only vote once and provide the nice UI for voting, comments, etc...

It seems to be coming together.


I also have a model using PowerApps forms for SharePoint...but I am still a little slow on those features. Sure wish there was more documentation/resources around PowerApp forms for SharePoint. There is a lot of PowerApps but not enough focus on the SharePoint form side. If anyone has something I am missing please let me know (yes I will post in PowerApps community too)


Thanks for your insights on this!

Hi Alan, 


I was looking in PowerApps (PA) to checkout the ideas sample and was unable to find it. Do I need to look outside of PA for the ideas sample app? 

Did you find a solution? I'm thinking of something similar to implement.
not yet. unfortunately had to lower the priority for a few weeks.

I am also interested in this.  Would be great to see what you come up with!

@Eric Adler


Hi Ed! I'm trying to think of a way to use the UserVoice concept to create an area on a Sharepoint Comms site for internal users to suggest and vote on new training content. Did you find a solution to your approach?


Many thanks,



@Rose_Leeson How about creating a Yammer group and either inserting the webpart into your SharePoint page or just use the Yammer page for this (new Yammer looks really slick) ? Users can submit ideas and others can 'up-vote' by liking the feature.