Copy document library columns across multiple libraries

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I'm creating a contract manager within Sharepoint.

I have different groups of contracts and a lot of them have the same basic metadata and then a good amount of columns will be different between them.

So I'm putting them into different document libraries within the same site.

Is there a way to quickly create or copy the columns that all of the document libraries should have in common?


For example Expiration Date should be a column that is in each of the document libraries, but something like Type of Airfare shouldn't be.


I tried following instructions from here:

under Add an existing site column to a list or library but it didn't show any of the columns I had created, just prebuilt ones.

Does anyone have any other ideas that I can try?

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If you want to use same column across multiple lists/libraries then it is recommended to create Site columns.

To create site columns you can follow the steps given in Create a site column in a list or library section in the same link you provided.

Make sure you remember the the Group where you are creating site columns. 


Then you can add site columns to your lists/libraries using the steps given in Add an existing site column to a list or library section.


Here you can select the site columns group where you created columns earlier in Select site columns from: drop-down. It will be easier to filter and select the columns you created.


After following this, let me know if you are still not able to see the site columns you created.

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