Contributors permissions granted, Access to subfolder in SP site blocked

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I did some research before posting but I didn't find a solution.


Our CTO created a site in Sharepoint which contains sensitive information.

He now wants to share a specific documents subfolder to a user who is not part of the group; we need to give this user contributing access only for that folder.


Even though they appear to have been added correctly, they still get the email to request access to the whole site, which is not possible.


I read about Limited Access being the culprit, but the "Site Collection Administrator" area does not appear to me when I go in the settings.


FYI, I am added to the group of Owners of the site, however, when I try to manage user permissions it looks like I still don't have full control.


Can anybody help?

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What I would do here is ensure you were changing the permissions in the correct place. 


  1. Navigate to where the folder is.
  2. Select the folder with the radio button. 
  3. Ensure the details pane is open on the right of the screen(click the icon that is a circle with an i in it. 
  4. Click Manage access.
  5. Click Advanced at the bottom.
  6. Click stop inheriting permissions(may be uninherited already)
  7. Change the permissions to what you want them to be.
  8. Send the the web address(not a link) to the folder.

That should do it. 


You can check permissions on the rest of the site to ensure that the user hasn't been added. Owners by default will be able to manage permissions (Full control) unless someone has changed the permissions on the folder you are trying to amend. In that case you will need a site collection admin to sort that out for you. 


Andy Hodges | ThinkShare |

@Andrew Hodges Hi Andrew, thanks for jumping on this!

I tried tried the steps 1 to 8 and I have an update


I accessed the Advanced permissions page and added the user as a Contributor, after stopping inheriting permissions (they are unique to this folder now). I then accessed the folder myself, and copied the URL from the address bar of my browser (not the link) and passed it to my colleague, however, she still gets sent to the "Request Access" form.


Two things I noticed:

  1. If I click on "grant permissons", I get this error:mangelucci_0-1595336184902.png


  2. If I use the Permission Checker tool, I get this conflicting result:


I am a Global Admin on O365, and I'm listed as "Owner" of this site, so shouldn't I be the site collection admin myself, given the permissions and roles I just mentioned?

I tried to locate the Site Collection settings to disable the "Limited Access feature" as advised in the following link, but it just doesn't appear in the Site Settings page


Thank you in advance for your support.



If you are not a site collection owner you wont see the site collection feature, even though you are a Global Admin. A Global Admin has no rights over SharePoint sites unless you are added as a Site collection admin or an owner.


Add yourself into the site collection Admins for that site in the SharePoint admin centre.

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@Andrew Hodges all sorted, I figured it out! It wasn't a matter of being an owner, I needed to be an Admin of the site, which comes with extra permissions :)


For those who come here with the same issue: I was made an Owner by my CTO, but not an Admin of that site via the Sharepoint admin centre.


What I had to do was logging into, open the Sharepoint Admin Centre from the left pane, select "Sites" and then "Active Sites", find the relevant site and add myself as Admin/Primary Admin.


At that point, I was then able to see the Site Collection settings mentioned in the link below to disable the "Limited Access feature"


As soon as I disabled that feature, my colleague was able to access the folder :)