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On a SharePoint Site page, I would like a button that employees select as compliance to show they have read the most recent update.


When the button is pressed ideally it would save the data so the owner could see a list of employees that have read the update. I am struggling to work out the best way to approach this, any ideas?

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One way to approach this is by using a SharePoint list. Here are the high-level steps to achieve this:

1. Create a new SharePoint list called "Compliance" with the following columns: "Employee Name," "Date," and "Update Name."

2. Add a button to your SharePoint site page that will allow employees to indicate that they have read the most recent update. You can use a simple HTML button that triggers a JavaScript function when clicked.

3. In the JavaScript function, use the SharePoint REST API to add a new item to the "Compliance" list with the following information:

- Employee Name: Use the SharePoint user profile API to get the name of the currently logged-in user.
- Date: Use the JavaScript Date() function to get the current date.
- Update Name: Enter the name of the most recent update.

This approach allows employees to indicate that they have read the most recent update by clicking a button on the SharePoint site page. The compliance data is saved in a SharePoint list, which the site owner can view at any time.

@EM7388 Have you looked at Compliance Tracker 365

It allows any page to be targeted to groups of people for reading. People can see what they've read and managers can view reports. It also integrates with Pnp Modern search to show read tags on content.