collaborate permissions for user outside of organisation

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I would like to set up a sharing link to a specific folder for users who may not have a microsoft account, however I need this to be contribute only.


The only options presented to me under 'manage access' are:

can edit

can view


Is there a way i can allow people without a microsoft account to drop items into the folder but not edit/delete/rename anything?


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@JamesTerris Hi, the setting you're looking for is present when sharing a file and not the folder.



I'm not sure what you're looking for really, but you have this feature for "file requests".

Create a file request (


For B2B sync (2nd link below) there are some prerequisites such as AAD account or Microsoft account, but those will be created automatically if you enable AAD B2B integration with SharePoint and OneDrive (first link).


Azure AD B2B integration for SharePoint & OneDrive - SharePoint in Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Docs


B2B Sync - OneDrive | Microsoft Docs


You could enter the advanced permission settings for the SharePoint site as well.