Cannot move files to a particular sharepoint

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I have 2 sharepoint sites; A & B.

I want to move files from A to B. I click the elipisis next to a file and select "Move to".

Sharepoint site B is not present in QuickAccess nor "More Places". Using search switches to searching my local files. Sharepoint B is public, I am the owner of both A & B. I cannot drag and drop files between sharepoints.

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@WuckFindows Try this:

  1. Go to your destination document library in site B
  2. Use Pin to Quick Access to ensure this library appears in the Quick Access section while moving the file
  3. Then use Move to functionality from document library in site A, now you will see the new library in quick access section 

ganeshsanap_0-1702537252244.pngMore information atThe quick access doesn't list other SharePoint site when trying to use CopyTo and MoveTo features 

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