Cannot Edit Column Default Value

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I have not seen this error before. Working with PnP-PowerShell to apply column default values programmatically from Azure Runbooks.


The issue is that after all scripts have run, it shows the "Project" CDV as successfully applied - however, when I open the actual "Project Management" folder folder in CDV settings, it shows as "-1;#PT-77706", in red font color, AND, I'm unable to edit it.


Anyone have any ideas?




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I suppose it is important to note that I can set the radio button back to "Do not specify a default value for this location". After a refresh I cannot select the tag icon to apply a managed metadata term to the field. The button doesn't work.

Furthermore, here is the line from the Document Library's client_LocationBasedDefaults.html:

<a href="/sites/PT-77706/Shared%20Documents/Project%20Management"><DefaultValue FieldName="Project">-1;#PT-77706|89752c42-6469-4941-9ad6-41d21d45ab88</DefaultValue></a>

The ID is correct - any insight welcome. TIA