Can we share a site with public users using a link

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In SharePoint online we can share a file or folder using anonymous links, so users without login can view the file or folder, but can we do the same for a whole site or a whole library? so the site or library can be accessed using a public/anonymous link?


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Yes, in SharePoint Online, you can share a site or a library with public users using an anonymous link. This feature allows users without login credentials to access the shared content through a URL link. However, the availability of this feature depends on your SharePoint configuration and the settings established by your organization's administrators.

To share a whole site or library with public users:

  1. Navigate to the site or library that you want to share.
  2. Click on the "Share" button or the "Share" option from the menu.
  3. In the sharing options, choose "Anyone with the link" or a similar option, depending on your SharePoint version.

Note: The exact wording of the option may vary depending on the SharePoint version and configuration.

  1. After selecting the appropriate sharing option, SharePoint will generate an anonymous link that you can distribute to public users.
  2. Copy and share the generated link with the intended audience.

Keep in mind that sharing content via anonymous links may have security implications, as it allows unrestricted access to the shared content for anyone with the link. Therefore, it's essential to carefully consider the sensitivity of the information you're sharing and ensure that it complies with your organization's security policies.

Additionally, SharePoint's sharing settings can be further customized by administrators to control how long the anonymous link remains active and what actions users can perform with the link (e.g., view-only, edit, download). For more granular control, your organization's SharePoint administrators can set up specific permissions for individual users or groups if necessary.

Always ensure that you are aware of your organization's SharePoint policies and consult with your administrators if you have any concerns or questions about sharing content with anonymous links.

No, we cannot share a site with public users using a link. If you want to share a group of people outside you organization, you need to add those users in a security group and share a site with them.

@ashikurrahmanso if we add those external users to a security group then we can share the site using anonymous link ? or anonymous links works only for files and folders but not for a whole sit?e

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@John John No if you add those external users to a security group then you cannot share the site using anonymous link because don't have option share a site using anonymous link. anonymous links works only for files and folder.