Can't get WorkspaceURL field from Sharepoint Online to show up in PowerApps?

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I'm currently creating a PowerApps which has a data source from a SP online Events List. The Process Flow is this:


1st, I go onto SharePoint to create an event in the Events Web Part, entering a link and the display name in the "Link" field.



2nd, the event is created, and within the Sharepoint "Events List", the details are there. The "Link" field from before goes to the "WorkspaceURL" column in this list.



Now, in my PowerApps (that's already linked to this list), in the detail form, I can make almost any field appear, EXCEPT for WorkspaceURL. I've combed through the list of fields in the "Add Field" menu, and it's not there. Searching for the word "Workspace" or "WorkspaceURL" gives no results.



The crazy thing is that, this field USED TO EXIST. I vividly remember adding this field, creating the data card for it, adding HTML text formatting and everything. The data card was fine, the link worked exactly as intended. I saved this step in my PowerApps progress log.


I left the PowerApp alone on a Friday to work with the Sharepoint List, and I check the App on Monday morning, and the field vanished, giving an "red X" error in the data card.


On the SharePoint itself, I've tried exporting the list to an Excel file, and all fields were there, except for WorkSpaceURL.



I'm just... very confused. I can create events to add a link, and it shows up in the SP list in its own "WorkspaceURL" column, but I can't access it in PowerApps, or even get it to show up on exported Excel files/queries. I can see it, but I can't get to it.


What do I do, in the settings of SharePoint or PowerApps, to get the field to appear again? 


The only other mention of the existence of Workspace URL is from this discussion post back in 2017, and I couldn't make sense of it: . 


I've scoured the SP List Settings for days, and aside from modifying the different views, the WorkspaceURL field is basically non-existent. I can't add it from any of the columns option, or even edit where it's sourcing information from.



The only thing I can change is whether is shows up in particular existing views. But new views won't even have the column show up.



Please help me. I'm so lost.

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@Bob_Trinh_IPV  - I'm having the same issue, I trying to update the WorkspaceURL (Link on Events web part) using PowerAutomate (Flow) and I'm not able to find a way to populate it.  Which View did you edit to see the column to select and display on the list?  PowerAutomate has an option when updating a SharePoint item to load columns visible on certain view.