Bulk upload in a library with common metadata

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We have a requirement to upload multiple large size files into a document library with same metadata (such as vendor info, location etc.,) in each library item. Is there any native option available to copy the same metadata to all library items (each item contain different files being uploaded)?


J Justin


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@Justin J 

OOTB this is not possible.

You can use "Edit in grid view" to apply the metadata after the documents have been uploaded. 

There are also 3rd party apps that provide the functionality you want (example).
When you upload a set of files (or folders) you will be shown a metadata dialog window.

@Justin J Yes, this is definitely possible. The easiest way to do it is to use the Column default values setting in Library Settings. This will allow you to specify a default value that will be applied for any or all columns when a file is uploaded. The catch is that if the file already has a value filled in for that metadata, it will not override what is there. But if the column is not already filled in, the default values you specify (single value only) will be applied to the file when you upload. You can also edit in bulk after files are uploaded, but this is the easiest way to add metadata when all new files need the same values.