Best Practice: working with Non-Office filetypes (e.g. pdf, dwg, ai)

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Hello all,


still trying to wrap my head around Sharepoint and how I can properly introduce it in my organization.

One thing I just don't understand is how to combine the (fantastic) idea of file metadata and a small amount of folders with files that do not open in the online office apps?



A library with lots of pdfs, dwgs and a few Excel spreadsheets is nicely organized with metadata (Customer, Project, Approval Status, etc.) but some file have to be opened in a desktop app (e.g. Adobe Illustrator). 


Current workflow:

Option a - download the file (which ends up as a copy in the download folder with no ties to the Sharepoint file) and re-upload the file after working with it. 


Option b - sync the Library with the File Explorer, which means losing all custom metadata and having to dig through 500 files looking for the one I would like to edit.


How would you go about it? Microsoft must have thought about this. I hope?

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@YAGeo did you find a good solution to work with non-office files without losing the metadata or the link to the original file? Thank you!