Background image on page template not showing in new webpart

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We have the following page template. 



Once we post the page, the image looks like this in the News web part.


Image shows up fine when we view the post in a new window. We have tried opening up the image in a new tab and refreshing and then refreshing the post. This solution no longer works.

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Probably a cache issue. As long as it shows up in a new window, all/most of the users should have not trouble viewing the image

@Bharath Arja Thank you for the note.


Cleared my cache and nothing changed. Image is not showing up in the New web part.


Any other thoughts?

Thanks in advance. 

Cannot think of anything else. If you are familiar with using browser's developer tools, see if anything getting blocked in network tab.

I have exactly same issue.

We are using "News" since the beginning, and suddently, the new ones are not showing the images. 

Is affecting the main homepage site for all the users. If I go to the new, the image is showed correctly, but if I go to all content or if I try to open the image directly in a new tab it's not shown.1.png2.png

 @Bharath Arja @Susan Hanley 

@Toni_Atienza If you are sure this isn’t a permissions issue (doesn’t look like it) or an issue with the browser cache, this looks like something you need to report to Microsoft with a support ticket. 

@Susan Hanley I have found that the issue is with the .svg files. If files are .jpg or .png there is no issue at all, just with .svg

I have already openned a support ticket with Microsoft, but at least, I'm moving the missing files to .jpg format althought the quality of them is being reduced.


@Toni_Atienza That makes much more sense. There are definitely places where Microsoft has documented where you can’t use .svg images. I am not sure about image thumbnails, but that could very easily be the problem. I would ask the content authors to replace the images with .jpg or .png format images and see if the problems goes away. 

Thank you very much. It's creepy that Microsoft is having this issues with .svg, but we will use .jpg and .png despite of the poor quality.

@Toni_Atienza Thanks for update. It makes sense that the issue is isolated to .svg files. Most of the issues around svg files are related to their size. 

@Toni_Atienza Can you please share the link where you submitted your support ticket with Microsoft? Unfortunately my files are using .png

@kaz01 I have submitted the support ticket via Office365 admin console. I haven´t used any link. 

@kaz01 You can follow this Microsoft documentation to get the online support: Get support - online support 

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Thank you, all. Have gone ahead and reached out to MS support. Will post an update once a solution is found.

@Bharath Arja @Toni_Atienza @Susan Hanley @ganeshganap The solution I received from support was to rename the filename for my image to reduce the number of characters. I went from just under 30 characters to 14. This seems to have fixed my issue. Will keep an eye on it.
Thanks for the info. In my case, the file name was just 8 characters, so was not the issue, however, by using other format instead .svg issue was fixed.