Azure directory with Sharepoint Online?

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I'd like to have a company's user's permissions centralized with azure directory so I can manage their access from one place rather than on different services


Is it possible to connect AD with Sharepoint Online to do so? I'd like if I could, for example, set up group permissions from AD and have them work for different Sharepoint sites rather than creating these groups on each sharepoint site thus being independent from each other rather than having a centralized auth solution.

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Per default, you can add groups from azure ad into the default "Owner" / "Member" / "Visitor" Sharepoint groups. Or you can grant permissions directly to the groups.

So if you add (or remove) users from the azure ad group they will gain (or loose) access to all the sharepoint sites where yoou granted the group access to.

just go to "https://<yourtentant><yoursite>/_layouts/15/user.aspx"