Apply label is missing from info pane

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I use labels on my sites to apply rentetion and it has been working perfectly. However, some sites now have "Apply label" missing from the Properties pane 


 I am expecting it to also have this option. 




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Have you checked that those sites aren't excluded?

@NicolasKheirallah Yes, labels have been published to those sites. 

I am also having the same issue on 3 sites which have labels published
Try reapplying the label to the site! Sounds like the background job hasn't run. If that doesn't work make a case at MS :)

@jodieL1060 Is it visible here? (Under 'More library settings')





I disabled the policy in the admin centre and then enabled it again and the labels are still not appearing under 'apply label to items in this list or library'. In the admin centre the policy is showing as 'Enabled (success)'.
I get that. But are the visible in the library settings, i.e. the location in my attached picture?
They are not anymore, they were up until last week. It was all working perfect until last week. I have re-applied them at that works but I don't understand why this has happened in the first place.

Create a Case at MS, it's a backend job that's malfunctioning probably :)
No, they are not appearing under 'apply label to items in this list or library' within the Library Settings section.
Yep, agree with a support ticket here.