All you need to know about Commenting in SharePoint / Microsoft Lists

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Microsoft introduced a new feature of Commenting in SharePoint Online lists and Microsoft lists. Using this feature users will be able to add and delete comments on list items. Users can view all comments on a list item and filter between views that show comments or activity related to an item in details pane.


Microsoft rolled out this feature to all SharePoint Online tenants in December 2020 release, see Microsoft 365 Roadmap.


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@ArefHalmstrand You're welcome. Hope you will enjoy the blog series!

Hi, we're using SharePoint 365 and I don't see this feature available in my library/list. Is there a way to turn this setting on?



This feature is available for SharePoint lists & Microsoft lists. It should be available in your tenant by default, unless someone from administration team disabled it.


If you want to enable this feature, you can do so using PowerShell. Check below article for more information & complete PowerShell commands:

How to Enable/Disable the commenting in SharePoint Online/Microsoft Lists 

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Be aware, that you'll not get those comments when exporting the list to Excel.

@ganeshsanapComments seems to be unrelated to versions of items.


There are also many different behaviours.

On libraries there is no explicit icon.  Comments can be found at the info pane inside the activity sections. For files we can add replys to comments which seems not possible for list-items. A DocumentSet inside a library does not have a comment possibility at all.

@NikolaiEssel Yes, as comments are stored within the list schema itself & not with each list item, it is not related to versioning of items.

Also, previously it was rolled out only for lists in SharePoint/Microsoft Lists and not for library. So, it is not yet full supported I guess. Even I am not able add comments on all types (extensions) of files.

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