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Hello, community,


I wanted to know if in a SharePoint list you can have two columns that have attachments?




Any help is appreciated, regards.

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There is only one attachment column in the list...what you could have is different hyperlink columns, but I understand this is not what you are looking for

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

Thanks for the answer.


And how does this hyperlink column work? How can I simulate this thing I want to do, making two columns of attachments?


As @Juan Carlos González Martín says it's not possible to recreate the attachments column, it's a systems column that can't be recreated.  The column he mentions allows you to add a column to your list that you can use to point to other resources.


I've added an image of the list column below that you'd see on the NewForm.aspx / EditForm.aspx.  Filling these out would result in a clickable link being visible in the list item


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