Access Denied when sharing folders

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We have been using Sharepoint365 for projects and have different folders shared with vendors for some time, but now all our external users are getting "Access Denied" when trying to access the folders.


I have tried to share a folder with myself (private mail) and I get to login with my mail and a temporary code, but then I get "Access Denied".


I have tried to look through all settings, but can't see that anything should be changed.



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Is this for all sites? Or just one site?
This is for all sites and for all external users in different organizations.

Hi @Lars Bo Wassini,


Is this continuing to happen? If so, can you send me a private message so we can troubleshoot further? Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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Hi Stephen Thanks for your offer, but I found the problem. I'll describe the solution shortly :)
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Ok! I found the problem! Well... Actually Microsoft Support helped me with this.

It seems that another part of our organization indeed had changed the setting without telling us in IT.



In the "Site setting", "Site Collection Administration", "Site collection features" the "Limited-access user permission lockdown mode" must NOT be activated.

This setting is automatically activated when the "SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure" feature is activated.


@Lars Bo Wassini, glad to hear it! Thanks for updating!


Stephen Rice

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Nice. This solved my issue. I was unable to share-externally on any new SPO site I was creating as a standalone (non team site). I encountered this starting about summer of 2018 and never resolved it. My old sites still worked, so just used them. Now we can start externally-sharing on new sites. Life is good! Yea!