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New Blog Post | Microsoft Defender Weekly Wrap – Issue #47



Microsoft Defender Weekly Wrap – Issue #47 - Azure Cloud & AI Domain Blog (


Microsoft Defender Weekly Wrap - Issue #47


Happy Friday everyone!
I hope your week has been a good one. This week was a busy one for me.
Hey…did you know Microsoft Ignite happened this week? :)
If you peruse many of the articles and resources in this week’s newsletter edition, you’ll see a long list of per-product announcements. But, hey, here’s a tip: if you want a consolidated tome of all this week’s announcements, look instead to the Book of News.
One thing that was announced this week that I don’t believe got enough attention is that Microsoft is offering a 50% discount for Defender for Endpoint when you switch or renew. It’s a limited time offer that begins November 1, 2022.
Details for this are in the offer FAQ:
Here’s something extra cool!
Announced at Ignite 2022, get a sneak peek inside the upcoming Microsoft Defender for Cloud book and learn more about Defender for DevOps. Download a special Appendix from Microsoft Defender for Cloud written by George Wilburn, Principal PM, Defender for DevOps.
It’s been such a busy week, that’s really it for me as there’s plenty to read in this issue. Some of it is Ignite-related, some of it is not. If you’ve already caught up on Ignite information, feel free to just read the great community content.
I’m saving my personal Ignite observations until next issue.
Talk soon.



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