How to get Project to assign Day Shift then Evening Shift then Night Shift

Bert Joe Twomey
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Hi All,

I just joined last week - Thanks Lana at the Toronto Tech Summit

I am setting up a schedule for a 24/7 job so there is:

Day shift 8 am till 4 pm

Even shift 4 pm to Midnight

Night shift Midnight to 8 am

So I have all these calendars set up with correct resources etc. and at the start of the task all is good 8 h Day shift, 8 h Evening shift and then 8 h night shift, BUT near the end of the task it does not assign a full 8 hours to the Day shift and in fact carries on with a full 8 h night shift and does not assign the evening shift any hours.

I make the tasks Fixed Work so the total hours do not change

So most the schedule is good just near the end of the task does not seam to assign in a chronological order


Any suggesions are welcome





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Try this,

Create a task with this setting

  • Schedule mode : auto schedule
  • Task calendar : 24 Hours
  • Task type : Fixed Work
  • Task duration : 72 hours (03 days and nights)

Create 03 ressources,

  • Set to each one, one of the calenders you created 'Day', 'Even' and 'Night'

Assign the 03 ressources to the task

  • Adjust the working time of each ressource to 24 hours (03 days x 08 hours per day)


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