Missing Add Publisher from Partner Center

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I am trying to create a publisher after creating a Microsoft 365 partner account, but I don't see the option. When I go to legal Info and look at my profiles I only have the developer profile, but I don't see the partner profile option. 

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Do I need to have the Partner profile? If so, how do I get it?

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@buildingaitools I'm inquiring within to try and help you find some resources/answers/steps on how to move forward. 


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Hi @Jill_Armour_Microsoft any help would be appreciated here.

@buildingaitools I have been in contact with the engineering team, and they requested you submit a support ticket.




I've done that already. It goes into the review ticket bucket that Shreya T responds to. No response in over a week. We have a fortune 1000 customer that wants to use our product today and we can't serve them because of this arduously slow review process. Where is the escalation point?