What are the options to request confirmation when sending emails to external contacts?

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I've searched the web for client- & server/tenant side solutions and found the following:

- client side: VBA scripts or 3rd party product (like SafeSend)

- server/tenant side: Use the Shell to enable or disable the External Recipients MailTip

These options probably work well when using the Desktop Outlook application.

But how can we implement a solution for users that use OWA or the Outlook App on their smartphone?

Are there any solutions that cover all type of Outlook client versions?

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MailTips will also work on OWA, but they do nothing apart from displaying a warning message. If you want some sort of confirmation/approval action, take a look into Transport rules and moderation.

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I guess you only looked at the templates? Simply create a new rule (or even use one of the templates), then add the corresponding conditions, exceptions and actions. Also, don't forget to click the "More options" link at the bottom of the New rule dialog.


In your case, a sample rule might use the "recipient is external" condition, and the action "forward the message for approval". It's just a suggestion though, not sure whether it will fit your needs.

Hi Eric, The solution SafeSend Email Security for Outlook you are referring to actually has an OWA product that you can use (you can see it in their system requirements). I would contact the vendor to get more information.

Hi @John Nicolas , actually today we configured the web version of SafeSend.

@Eric DefermThanks for the info, the link you provided helped with getting the external recipient message to populate for Web based Exchange. Do you know of any solutions that replicate to the installed client apps for windows and Mac ?

Initially the SafeSend solution was intended for Outlook Windows, later on they released a version for OWA.

@Eric Deferm  Currently we are trying to prevent the use of 3rd party apps to manage this,  so (MailTips) specifically. I enabled them via the PowerShell method, but the Mailtip is currently only populating on OWA. Not the install client.