Token messages are going directly into deleeted items/recover deleeted items

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I am supporting a client I my job, she  has this problem she use a service for online learning that send token for authentication all of those token messages are going to folder directly eleeted items/recover deleeted items It is important to know that her Outlook has no rules in that regard. Exchange Online is receving the message and trace says that messages are going into inbox.





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If the token messages are going directly to the "Deleted Items" or "Recover Deleted Items" folder, even though there are no rules set up to do so, there are a few potential reasons for this behavior. Here are some troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Check Junk Email Settings: Ensure that the token messages are not being classified as junk or spam. Go to Outlook on the web ( and check the Junk Email settings. Look for any specific rules or filters that might be affecting these messages.
  2. Disable Add-ins: Add-ins can sometimes interfere with the normal behavior of Outlook. Temporarily disable any add-ins that might be installed, and then check if the token messages start going to the inbox.
  3. Recover Deleted Items Folder: If the token messages are ending up in the "Recover Deleted Items" folder, it's possible that the user might have accidentally deleted them. Ask the user to check this folder and restore any legitimate token messages back to the inbox.
  4. Check Inbox Rules: Although you mentioned that there are no rules in Outlook, it's possible that there might be inbox rules set up at the server level (Exchange Online). As an admin, you can check the inbox rules for the user in the Exchange admin center to see if there are any rules affecting the token messages.
  5. Run Outlook in Safe Mode: Running Outlook in Safe Mode disables any third-party plugins or add-ins, which might be affecting the message delivery. To do this, close Outlook, hold down the "Ctrl" key, and then click on the Outlook icon to open it in Safe Mode. Test if the token messages behave correctly in Safe Mode.
  6. Update Outlook and Clear Cache: Make sure the user's Outlook client is up to date with the latest updates. Additionally, you can try clearing the cache in Outlook to ensure that any corrupted data is not affecting message delivery.

It is also worth noting that token messages are often time-sensitive, so if the user is experiencing delays in receiving these messages, they might have already expired by the time they reach the inbox.

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