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Hi all,


I just wondered, if our organisation applied their 'hours of work and location' to their profiles, would this assist with the schedule send option appearing at random times of the day. For example, it is 9:45am here and I sent an email to our payroll team and it said that their best time to send it is tomorrow at 3am.


Rather than change it in organisational settings, can each employee do this for their individual hours?






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Hi @AshleaLu,

Outlook's 'Schedule Send' feature enables you to delay the delivery of individual messages. When composing an email, click the dropdown next to the Send button and choose 'Schedule send'. From there, you can pick a default option or set a custom time. The message stays in the Draft folder until the specified delivery time.

Delay or schedule sending email messages in Outlook for Windows - Microsoft Support

However, it's important to note that the 'Schedule Send' feature doesn't automatically adjust based on the recipient's working hours or location. Its primary purpose is to empower you to manage when your emails are sent without imposing your schedule on others.

Regarding individual settings, it appears that the 'Schedule Send' feature isn't influenced by the recipient's working hours as set in their profile. Instead, it gives you control over the timing of your emails, rather than automatically aligning with the recipient's schedule.

Schedule send in Outlook - Microsoft Support

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Hi Leon,
Thanks for replying however, I understand what the schedule send feature is but I am finding that when I send an email to someone, I get the pop up (attached). If I do not press 'dismiss' it will schedule it for that time (it is a strange time of the day). I want emails to be sent to staff instantaneously and not show this options.

Why does this appear for me then?