"Your browser is not supported anymore" when adding Gmail

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Whenever I try to add my gmail account to my outlook on my laptop, I am presented with a "your browser is no longer supported" error from the Google authentication window within outlook. I can't do anything about it, because manually adding it as an imap account still takes me to the same login window. I already have my gmail in my pc's outlook and other gmail accounts that don't log in directly through google, but I can't do anything about adding this personal gmail.

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Same problem here: New Laptop, W10 Outlook 2019, all up to date. I already removed IE, so only Edge and Chrome are on system, didn't change the behaviour : (@MatteBlack 

Same issue - all new, current version browsers and still getting this error when trying to add email.

I'm having the same issue but only for my child's gmail account, which is controlled by Google Family Link and Microsoft Family Safety. I can add all other gmail accounts, but only with this one I am getting the weird message, that my browser is not supported any more. Could not find anything in Family Link / Family Safety settings / restrictions. Any ideas?

@RafalS79 Any one able to manage it yet? I could add my sons Family Link suppervised account with 2FA enabled added before on an older laptop. Bought a new laptop and wanted to add his account and I am experiencing the same issue as mentioned here. I opened the discussion here Gmail account met MFA in Outlook toevoegen lukt niet - Microsoft Community as well. Btw Microsoft apps & services has permissions on my sons account 

I have the same issue when trying to add my son´s account. Did anyone find a solution?
I have the same issue with my child's gmail account ( controlled by Google Family Link)I figure out that : Outlook 2016, 2021 cannot connect to this acc type but outlook 2019 can do !!
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@NgoTanDien Google Support told me that 'supervised accounts can not be setup to a third party email client like Outlook' and it works as designed. 

I'm assuming that the gmail login is opened in a dialog from Outlook, not your normal browser.

In Outlook 2019 and earlier one time purchase versions, the browser engine embedded in to Outlook is (very unfortunately) Internet Explorer 11. This can't be changed.

Unless there is some way to complete the gmail login with your normal browser, you can't get around this problem in Outlook 2019.

The latest version from a Microsoft 365 subscription will not have this problem.
Same problem here with my child’s gmail account. Using Microsoft 365 too and still doesn’t work. Can anyone help?

The issue was fixed after we removed google supervision on the account, the child supervision feature prevents it from being connected. @Stavvy 

@MatteBlack thanks for letting me know. Unfortunately we can’t switch off the supervision as he is under 13 years old. I will contact Google as it’s clearly a bug in the system.

@Stavvy, please let us know what Google will tell you, because they told me that it works as designed and supervised accounts are not supposed to work with 3rd party email clients like Outlook
:thinking_face: , Mobil Outlook CAN connect to this type of google account ( my phone OS is android)
I can connect to Outlook 2016 on my desktop so I don’t see how Google can claim it doesn’t work with 3rd party email clients. The problem is specifically with outlook on Microsoft 365 (again running on a desktop). Why would Google or Microsoft reduce the functionality of supervised accounts in this way? It doesn’t make sense! I will try to find out what is going on and report back.