Outlook (Office 2019) crashes when Send of From clicked

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Since the evening of Sunday 19th I have been unable to send emails from Outlook on my PC.  I can compose an email and select recipients. However when I try to send the message it hangs for a few seconds, closes and reopens (having lost all trace of the attempted message).  Subsequently I found that this was also happening if I hit the From button (to change which account I am sending it from).


I tried safe mode. I tried creating a new profile. Also both Quick Repair and the lengthy Online Repair of Office. None of these have had any impact.


I can still send emails from the accounts on my smartphone, though this is aggravating for anything lengthy or with attachments that have to be transferred from the PC. I am however doing this by accessing the accounts from gMail (I switched from Outlook on the phone because that started hanging for ever). The ability to do this suggests to me that it is unlikely to be the profile or accounts that are the root cause - but what do I know?


One last, probably irrelevant point. For some months now I have been regularly prompted to provide credentials for the two non-default accounts, despite the fact that they have been working fine. I have tried to do what is requested but the messages just won't go away. I am assuming they are not spam like the "unusual login from Russia" messages.


Is the crashing behaviour described above a known issue and if so does anyone have any ideas how to get rid of it. Other than changing email program on the PC.



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@thelordgiveth same problem here with Office 2019, no prompt for credential, only the issue with changing sender

@Manu82 I suspect that the credentials thing is a red herring but included it just in case!

Is it just changing sender? Can you (unlike me) send an email if you have not touched the From button?

One additional puzzle. When I sent an email from my smartphone I copied it to myself and it also (as it was a response) got copied to me as part of the original sender's distribution list. I received the email on my PC but only as a member of that list. The attempt to send it to myself as a named individual (a hotmail.com address) failed with the following extracts from the error message:-
Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:
xxxx xxxx
Your message couldn't be delivered. The Domain Name System (DNS) reported that the recipient's domain does not exist.
Contact the recipient by some other means (by phone, for example) and ask them to tell their email admin that it appears that their domain isn't properly registered at their domain registrar. Give them the error details shown below. It's likely that the recipient's email admin is the only one who can fix this problem.
For more information and tips to fix this issue see this article: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=389361.

Diagnostic information for administrators:
Generating server: VI0PR03MB10297.eurprd03.prod.outlook.com
Remote server returned '550 5.4.310 DNS domain sct-15-20-4755-11-msonline-outlook-76d7b.templatetenant does not exist [Message=InfoDomainNonexistent] [LastAttemptedServerName=sct-15-20-4755-11-msonline-outlook-76d7b.templatetenant] [VI1EUR04FT044.eop-eur04.prod.protection.outlook.com 2023-11-21T00:06:34.499Z 08DBE2CD6715B55E]'

and (lower down) shows the address sent to as

To: xxxx xxxx

which is a complete mystery to me.

Credentials are probably a red herring. Can you send emails when you haven't changed the sender? I can't. A further oddity emerged. When I emailed from my phone I included myself as a recipient, both freestanding and as a member of the distribution list in the email I was replying to. In my PC Outlook inbox I got a message which told me (as sender) that exactly the same email address (as recipient) could not accept the email. Specifically: "Remote server returned '550 5.4.310 DNS domain sct-15-20-4755-11-msonline-outlook-76d7b.templatetenant does not exist [Message=InfoDomainNonexistent] [LastAttemptedServerName=sct-15-20-4755-11-msonline-outlook-76d7b.templatetenant] [VI1EUR04FT044.eop-eur04.prod.protection.outlook.com 2023-11-21T00:06:34.499Z 08DBE2CD6715B55E]". The string IMCEAEX-_o=First+20Organization_ou=Exchange+20Administrative+20Group+28FYDIBOHF23SPDLT+29_cn=Recipients_cn=00064000C1B0B8AF@sct-15-20-4755-11-msonline-outlook-76d7b.templateTenant appears to be what it thinks it was trying to send it to.

@thelordgiveth I have noticed this issue also on a relative's Outlook 2019 installation: composing a message works fine until clicking send and then the app freezes for a few seconds before crashing without an error code.


They have tried safe mode, disabling COM addons etc. One interesting point to note is that using the "new" outlook view the issue does not occur (and the message is sent)


Hopefully Microsoft will identify the issue / provide a resolution soon. 


Exactly the same issue here with my hotmail account connected to Outlook 2019.

Since the last update to outlook a few days ago I can do everything with the hotmail account except send an email. As soon as I send the program crashes.

Mine connects via Microsoft Exchange.

I can see others on other websites are having the same issue. I suspect the recent update has caused a problem

As far as I can see my most recent updates were on 16th November and I was sending emails quite happily until the evening of 19th. If there was an identifiable update to roll back I'd try that, I guess.
Which other websites are you seeing similar reports on please? It would be useful to see what others are experiencing and think.
I'm a newbie when it comes to posting on this forum. Would we expect someone from MS to respond with a solution, or at least an acknowledgement that something has been broken? If we are talking months for a solution I'll be migrating elsewhere, though I don't really fancy reinputting all the details of three accounts. If I were being supercynical I might think that the idea was to tell us all would be hunky dory if only we took out a shiny new 365 sub...
Would be nice if MS gave an answer... I saw one person said they changed from Microsoft exchange to IMAP/SMTP and it worked for them. Another said they changed to the "New" view for Outlook desktop app which I am pretty sure I declined when prompted within the last week. Issue started after that. Searching on the web I can't find any information on changing to this new view as I would like to try that. I saw a post on reddit and on another MS forum.
I don't post that often, but hoping we can get a resolution on this issue.

I am having the exact problem starting today.  Sending an email it spins for a few seconds, crashes and restarts.  No sign of sent email anywhere.  Sending from phone app works fine.


Please can anyone advise if Microsoft have a clear procedure for handling this type of issue.


In the absence of this, do folk wait until some helpful, technical savvy individuals investigate and volunteer solutions?


It seems odd that this is a clear issue related to an upgrade. Is it straightforward to revert to a previous version?


Has anyone tried to revert back? Does this resolve it?


I am not technical and can only wait until the best advice with clear instruction is kindly posted.


I have also been having the problem starting yesterday 24th November 2023.
I first noticed it when I tried clicking on pop out for an email; Outlook 2019 immediately crashed.
I then composed reply without using pop out and when clicking on send, Outlook immediately crashes with no sign of the composed email either as sent or draft when I re-started.
One think I did notice, and I'm sure it started yesterday, Outlook itslef looked different; how a selected email looked; the Navigation options had gone from the top and fairly large buttons to small buttons down the bottom. Don't know if this has any importance?
I hope they sort it soon. I access several different mail boxes within Outlook for different voluntary roles I perform and having to try to log into each one separately is going to be very time consuming.
I might add, I have rebooted laptop several times just in case that sorted things; it didn't :(
I believe the MS procedure is as follows.

"Ignore it and keep telling everyone about the new Outlook."

Even a simple acknowledgement would be an advance on deathly silence.
To be constructive rather than cynical, what have recent updates changed? The last Windows update (16 November for me) brought Copilot preview, which I don't want but can tolerate being there. Unless it screws up other programs and there has been a reference to Copilot insisting you use the new Outlook or some such imposition. I know we only have the preview but might this be related?

The most recent Office update (14 November for me but possibly overtaken by an Office repair a few days ago) said this about Outlook:-
"We fixed an issue that caused Outlook to fail to comply with the default browser settings for some users.

We fixed an issue that caused the labels from protected PDF files to not be applied to the email that they were attached to."

Neither seems a likely cause of the issue but I am well aware that changes elsewhere in the software can have unexpected impacts elsewhere.

There is a link to chat with MS support.  I started a chat about this and 30 minutes later, made no progress and I have to leave.  Will try again when I have more time.

We all need to contact therm.





I think the problem is in some way linked to hotmail emails.

I also use a gmail mailbox in Outlook. I just tried sending from that, and it works fine. The three other email accounts I use are all hotmail ones and it is those that crash Outlook when I try to send.

Just contacted this (Thank you for supplying link) and problem resolved. Had to take control of machine to install updates. I did mention that lots of people are having thsi problem and he said he'd pass that on. Perhaps it will be bundled in another auto update?

@elainemaul hi, i am not MS technical, please can you forward the way of resolving this. Is it straightforward ?

Thank you so much for the update. I'll call back and hopefully they can take over and install updates. 

I just spend 1.5 hours with chat with Louther O. He tried many things, but at the end reinstalled my MS Office Pro Plus 2019 to resolve the issue.

That is interesting as it did not help when I did a full online repair, which I imagine is the same as a reinstall.
Was the solution for you also a complete reinstall?
If reinstalls or rolling back Office (as worked for someone on another forum) are the answer that kind of confirms than an update broke it in the first place. I'd like to see Microsoft sorting that out for everybody rather than spending two hours on each customer who manages to contact Customer Support!

What else do we know? Clearly other versions of Office, not just 2019, that are affected, though as far as we know not 365. Someone reported they have had the problem on Office 2021 for two years! Of course not everyone may have exactly the same problem. For example, some say it works as long as you are not emailing from a hotmail account but I cannot use the From button to change the sending account, not did changing the default account work.

Whatever. Microsoft broke it but despite that seems to be studiously avoidjng responding on this or other threads. If you mess up, own it!

@thelordgiveth The tech tried repairs which I had already done with no success.  He also added a new profile which didn't work either.  He also said there was a conflict with MS 365 so he took that off.  Then he asked if I had the product key for a reinstall.  Since I had it, that's what he did.  I asked him if the install would have the latest updates and he said yes.  There must have been a conflict causing the crashes.