Outlook Meeting after DST 2022 shows scheduling assistant meeting time off by 1 hour

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We seems to have hit an issue with sending meeting invites for dates after 11/6/2022, where meeting time in scheduling assistant shows the occupied time 1 hour earlier or later (depends on user) than the intended time. All users are in the same time zone (Eastern Time)


For example, a meeting request sent for 11/8/2022 at 1pm, the recipient first sees the Outlook notification for 2pm. Opening the meeting request and within Calendar view shows the meeting is at 1pm; opening the scheduling assistant for the same meeting shows the occupied time slot is 12pm.


This issue seems to only happen when the meeting is originating from Outlook full clients, either Windows or macOS. Issue does not seem to happen when meeting originates from Outlook.com web client.


We are scratching our heads, and has sent a support ticket to M365. Waiting for their reply too.


Appreciate any suggestion!

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