outlook groups not showing in outlook 2016

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Our Outlook Groups (email and Classroom) are not available on the left hand menu of Outlook 2016. Neither do they show as a selectable option on the Outlook 2016 calendar.


Does anyone know how to display them? I've gone through all settings but can't find it.



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Make sure your Outlook profile is set to use cached mode.

Are you running in Exchange Hybrid mode ?

We just ran into this issue as well with a few users. The Group has to be added to their Favorites in Outlook and then it will show up under their "My Calendars".

Yes we are Ian Moran. Sorry for the delayed response.

Do you have instructions for this Brad? Cheers

ISTR Outlook Groups will not display in Outlook 2016 if using Exchange Hybrid. All to do with the autodiscover record still pointing to an internal Exchange Server

I apologize.  I misunderstood and thought you were referring to an issue where the group calendar did not display.  Your issue is larger than that.  

Thanks for this answer. My question is, why do you have to be in cache mode to see the group in O365?

@Victor Ungureanu wrote:
Make sure your Outlook profile is set to use cached mode.


I'll tell you what I think, but this is just my assumption.

Such a group might have hundreds of members and it would be very resource intensive to have so many users accessing the group in online mode and having to read from the server all the contents of the group every time.

I have this problem as well, and hybrid environment, is there a way to redirect autodiscover?

What problem? Modern groups not showing up in Outlook?

If this is the issue you're having, then it has nothing to do with autodiscover. Outlook makes an EWS call to the server to see which groups are available for a specific user, so if that specific user can connect to his mailbox, this means that autodiscover was successful for him and this is enough. No autodiscover is performed by Outlook on the address of the group.

Ah ok ... they are now appearing seems like it take 24 hours to appear. Which caused a bit of confusion.

I my case I had one user that was missing about 3 of the 8 Office 365 Groups he was a memeber of.  They showed up fine on OWA.  Adding his Outlook profile on another computer worked fine.  I attempted creating a new Outlook profile under his windows user but got the same result.  Using a diffrent user on the same PC was successful so that is what I ended up doing.  The laptop wasn't a domain member and the account was local so I just created a new local account and setup everything under that.

Part of what I had tried was to completely remove Office and reinstall.  I suspect the issue is something in the Registry that is being left behind during the uninstall.

did trick for me

This is not true, and Ian is right. 

Autodiscover settings will have discussed issue with groups in hybrid scenarios. Here is the fix


Our problem is now that manually created "Calendar Groups" show up in Outlook 2016 as "empty" after the Mailbox Migration to O365 (currently Exchange Hybrid mode). Meaning that the Group shows, but the added calendars within that group do not show.


Funny enough the Calendar Groups DO show up in OWA including all the added calendars, so they must have been migrated successfully, just when creating a new Outlook Profile for the migrated users, only the Calendar Groups show up, but not the actual added calendars within that group, they only show in OWA. Any ideas?

I have been investigating the same issue, since i can not see any reply since august i thought i share what solved it for  me. 


First you have to use cached mode not online, i am guessing it has to do something with what Victor Ungureanu said about several hundreds of users in a group. 

ANYHOW.. i did switch to cached mode.. still no groups.. UNTIL you switch to folder view instead of inbox.




it does not state anywhere that you have to do that..  so it might be an easy miss.