Microsoft/Google Interop problem - Outlook Server error occurred message

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We have two tenants, one Microsoft 365 and one Google Workspace. We connected the two-tenants using Googles Interop Documentation (, so that users on both tenants can see the Free/Busy calendar availability of each other.



This setup worked well for 6 months + but currently the Microsoft user can’t see the calendar availability of the google users (Google users can see the calendar availability of the Microsoft users). Problem started out of nowhere and we don’t think anything was done from our site that could have caused the problem.

The availability is not working in the Desktop Apps (New and Old one), as well as not working in Outlook Web.

In the old Outlook version, a Server error can be seen - See screenshot

Steps taken so far:
- Completely repeated the steps for “Exchange can see Google” but problem persists
- We used the Connectivity tester from Google for the interop setup, but we can only confirm the google view on exchange, not the Exchange view on Google.

- How do i get more information on that "server error" in Outlook?
- Any ideas on what causes the problem in general?

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Let me know if you hear of any solutions. We are experiencing the same issue