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just a development suggestion

I use calendar to schedule all my meetings but also use it to annotate things I want to mention, things I need to do after and other stuff relating to the meeting but not necessarily for sharing with the meeting participants. I would like the option of adding detail into the calendar entry without needing to send them an update. There needs to be a 'do not send as update' option (unless I am missing something) so I can keep notes.



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Hello! You've posted your question in the Tech Community Discussion space, which is intended for discussion around the Tech Community website itself, not product questions. I'm moving your question to the Outlook space- please post Outlook questions here in the future. 

Thank you but as the Tech discussion space was the only place I could post anything that's why it went there. I had real issues giving feedback as the 'post feedback' option never sent me anywhere and when I used a link someone else sent me I was only able to post in that one forum. My second suggestion is that you/they make it clearer and easier to post suggestions. it's a little like trying to suggest that they have run out of suggestion cards for the suggestion box lol


I can suggest that by writing in the Outlook discussion - you need to add a Tag label. Outlook, in Windows space , Windows tag - it is necessary!

Great but as I have never done anything like this before it isn't something I would have known to do


You can also set your MTC account > > your > ignore HTML sometimes it helps - check how it works for you.
Good luck Andrew