Why is OneDrive taking up space on C:drive

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While this matter may have been previously addressed, I remain in search of viable resolutions to rectify the issue at hand. My computer currently operates on the Windows 11 platform, from which I have conscientiously uninstalled Microsoft OneDrive. It is noteworthy to mention that my OneDrive account contains no files or documents. Furthermore, upon conducting a examination of my computer's file structure, I have discerned no trace of OneDrive within the C: drive. This prompts the question of how to  eliminate any residual files or dumps associated with OneDrive, particularly considering that it consumes a non-trivial 3 gigabytes of disk space. This space is particularly valuable given that system files already occupy a substantial portion of the available storage capacity on a 1tb drive.

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Why do you think you have 3gb of Onedrive disc consumption if you can't find any folders?

Hi XDSlicerYT,

Please run TreeSize to determine which files or folders are taking up the disk space. https://www.jam-software.com/treesize_free