User Unable to Download Attachments from Office 365/Outlook to OneDrive

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I have a user who is unable to download attachments to OneDrive from Outlook (Office365).  When he selects to download to OneDrive he only has an option to download to another user's OneDrive but the option to save to his own isn't even an option for him to select. Is there something I can do or he can do to make his OneDrive show up from Outlook?  Or do I need to put in a support ticket?  Any help would be appreciated.

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Downloading and saving to OneDrive are two different functionalities, which one are you actually referring to? For the latter, check whether his OneDrive is listed under Options -> Mail -> Attachments -> Storage accounts (or directly via, and if not, open a support case.

Also make sure the user has gone to the waffle menu and visited OneDrive so it has provisioned their OneDrive. I'm assuming this has occurred, but if not, have them check to make sure they can see their OneDrive then follow Vasil's response!