Strange issue with one drive for business, preventing windows explorer auto refresh

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It seems one drive for business preventing my windows explorer refresh, if I create, delete, modify any content like files/folder, etc, it's not getting appear until I refresh my screen with F5 or by right-clicking mouse button and selecting refresh ..

If I close the one drive, everything starts working normally

Any advice

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I know this post is 2 years old, but I have confirmed that I have had this same issue. Even though it is two years later. I had all kinds of issues with Windows Explorer not refreshing. Not the desktop, not in File Explorer unless I hit F5. Creating new files and folders wouldn't show up, deleting files would "look" like they were still there. What a hassle!

I tried severl options. Rebuilding thumbnails, and a reg edit for a CLSID with a key of "dontrefresh". None of them worked. I ran across a YouTube video comment in my searching that stated it was related to OneDrive. If I uninstalled OneDrive everything would work again. So I uninstalled it, just to try it and it worked!

Mind you I have been dealing with this for months and have lost track of all the other things I have tried. I didn't try just closing out of one drive however. I may have to try that one.

Anyone else with idea's on why OneDrive would have this effect in Windows 10?