SharePoint sync files into ODFB

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We are using O365 Teams. My goal is to be able to use a cloud mover service (such as MultCloud) to transfer sync'd SharePoint data into Dropbox.

The OneDrive folder on my local system looks like this:
Parent folder named OneDrive
 child folder named OneDrive - OurCustomDomain

 child folder named OurCustomDomain
The first child folder contains my personal ODFB files.
The second child folder contains child folders per Team that are created when I sync a folder using the SharePoint view in Teams. 

Two questions:
1. When in my ODFB online web browser view, I don't see the SP sync'd content. Anyway to do so online, or is the sync purely between SP and my local ODFB client? I expected this to count against my ODFB quota.

2. Is there anyway to have that second child folder reside inside the first, other than copying it locally into the first (which of course would kickoff a sync series)? 



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