Restricting unauthenticated sharing / Anyone links to certain users or group

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We want specific users in our organisation to be able to share documents anonymously using "Anyone links".


Our current Office 365 "Sharing Policy" is set so that users can share external to "New and Existing guests" , for both sharepoint and onedrive.




The problem is that Sharepoint Admin centre doesn't appear to have the option to allow us to maintain our existing policy "New and Existing guests" which applies to 99% of the business and allow only a couple of individuals the option to share files anonymously, within the Microsoft ecosystem.




For example, the marketing team want to a share company presentation slides externally without specifying every email address that is permitted to view the shared file.




With this in mind, is there a PowerShell script that I can deploy that will allow for certain users or groups to share files anonymously whilst keeping our default policy "New and existing guests" for the rest of the business?









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