OneDrive sync client - Windows vs Mac

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Are the 'features' for the OD4B sync client - similar? - regardless if it runs on a Windows box or a Mac (Files on demand etc. etc. ) 

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OneDrive for PC is way more integrated to the OS, you can share from Shell by right clicking documents etc.

OneDrive Mac currently does not have Files on Demand and or any context menu integration.

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Are there any roadmap/plans available for the sync client for Mac? - or is this  just a 'fact of life' at MS;  Mac users are left behind regarding OneDrive? :D 

A lot of it is OS limitations, currently they have not announced files on demand for mac, but I know they want to do it, just a matter of when most likely.
So they did say recently that a Mac Files On Demand client is in fact in the works. It's just a matter of when it's done before they announce it. So it's coming just a matter of when.