onedrive keeps going back and forth between looking for changes and synced

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My onedrive bussiness has been unable to sync files properly lately, it has been switching back and forth between looking for changes and synced, and changes made to files cannot be updated in time. I've tried uninstalling and resetting, but the problem still doesn't work.

Note: I have used mklink to synchronize files on other disks through hard links. Is this related?

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@Fang1028 There have been previous posts about people using sync tools between OneDrive and other storage. Quite simply, if that tool or any other service is constantly touching the OneDrive files then it's going to be constantly synchronizing. (Same with other cloud storage like DropBox, Google Drive etc). 


You can find guidance on using specific tools by simply googling something like "mklink OneDrive" but your specific implementation is not going to be analysable by anyone here. 

Thanks for the reply, but I just use commands like mklink /d "C:\Users\User\OneDrive - Business\Wallpaper" "F:\Desktop Wallpaper" to synchronize other disk files
That didn't tell me anything useful. You'll probably need someone at your computer or remotely connected to see what you're doing and what else is going on on your devices.