Onedrive for Business in Government

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We want to rollout OD4B sync client for a Government office. But we got rejected saying below.


We do not use OneDrive because it has security issues that the office has not yet resolved.  Because of the type of work we do, conducting audits and investigations on Government Programs, we shy away from direct collaboration tools.  We apply the security regulations required then we have additional security settings that ensures no one gets behind our firewall from inside/outside of Corporate.


I know we can use Intune,Azure rights management, DLP to tightly  control security for Onedrive for business but i want to get your thoughts too on how we can implement security and convince customer regarding security aspect of OD4B.


@Salvatore Biscari  @Stephen Rice any thoughts?

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Have a look at

I think you can find there all available arguments about Office 365 security, and more.