One drive stuck syncing 3 unnamed files for months, all local files still very slow to open.

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A few months ago, Onedrive got stuck syncing 3 files totaling around 850 MBs. I have not found anywhere that will tell me what those 3 files are. Since there are 3 files among my 1TB, I can't find them by searching by file size. It may have been triggered when I was nearly out of storage space on OneDrive. One of the first things I did was delete files (moved them locally off the OneDrive folder, and deleted the files found in the Recycling Bin in OneDrive). I presently have 55GB of free space.


I've tried every realistic problem solving solution I've found, including pausing and restarting the sync, closing the app, manually restarting the app, unlinking this computer, and totally uninstalling and reinstalling onedrive. In every case, once it finishes re-syncing, its back to the same thing: stuck downloading three unnamed files at 0.0 speed. It does still sync other files slowly, often taking days.


More significantly, all files that I have in my onedrive folder are incredibly slow (between a few minutes  and never) to open, move or delete, even though all are downloaded to this computer. While onedrive is off or uninstalled, these files and folders open instantaneously. 


I am ultimately not that concerned about getting those 3 files synced, but I can't handle my computer being this slow to access all my files. I'm almost to the point of uninstalling onedrive and finding another cloud service. 


If you have any ideas on where to go from here, I'd appreciate it.

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@krishj39 I am having the same issues recently - having rebuilt my machine I have a lot of relinking to do but despite resetting and unlinking, OD4B always get stuck at this point.  How do we find out WHICH FILE is the issue? I will gladly delete IT :)

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@David Slight did you ever find a solution. Mine has been doing this for months. Messing with my life now

Maybe trying/testing it out with the x64 version of onedrive?
There were a lot of performance improvements

Or maybe onedrive.exe /reset after the x64 version is installed. Sometimes resetting onedrive could fix these kind of problems