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When using the One drive / pc folder structure on third applications the route of the folder can be lost due to the small viewing address of some third party applications.

If one drive folders were a different colours to pc folders this would assist in understanding of the folder location (Cloud blue/ pc yellow).  The sync cloud icon in the task bar works in a similar way for business accounts and personal accounts. White and blue cloud icons.

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1500 views and no comments. Am i missing something? Is this already a solution elsewhere?



I don't think that the request / ask was all that clear.  Are you asking for a way to change the colour of the synchronised folder hierarchy on the desktop?  And leaving everything else the same?


Can you also please provide more information on the third party products and how exactly they're interfering with the usability / navigability of the folder structures.

Hi Steven,
On my pc my folders are yellow. On my cloud drive my folders are yellow.
My business one drive icon is blue and my personal cloud icon is grey.
When using folders on a pc or cloud they all look the same "yellow".
Could cloud folders be a different colour to pc folders? to stop them looking the same?


Hi Mark,

Where on your screen is the OD4B icon grey?  Are you meaning the one in the bottom right of the screen in the task tray near the clock?


And whilst I'm not sure if there's a way to change the specific icons on the Desktop Explorer for folder but there is a unique icon that you can use.  If I access my desktop explorer OneDrive section I see these icons here.  Might they be of use?


OD4B Folders.PNG

@Steven Andrews 

The cloud in the task bar is grey. Blue business, Grey personal.

It is the folders inside windows explorer that ought to be different colours for cloud based and PC based. 





Im test driving o365\onedrive considering migrating from workspace\google drive. In g-drive i can change the color of folders. It doesnt display the changed color to other users\accounts and it doesnt change the display in the explorer, but....its a really nice feature.
I'd love to see the OneDrive color folders show up in Windows like the web. macOS has had the option to have colored folders for years and it'd be nice to see the same in Windows!