New Sync Client vs Groove.exe

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I am looking for the difference between New-Gen OneDrive Sync Client and Groove.exe. As NGSC is there in market for quite a while and still evolving day by day, need to know what is major reason for NGSC to roll out and phase out Groove.exe.

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@Juan Carlos González Martín Thanks for the link, but I have already gone through this. 

This link doesn't explained what groove.exe lacked which was overcome by NGSC and forced for its rollout. In other words, I am looking for the differences specifically.

Thanks again!! Any other links which could explain what I am looking for and can guide me, is welcome. :)

This is what i have gathered in some days, Feel free to let me know if there is any addition/ modification require if the content is wrong.

Limitations and differences among the two: 

New Gen Sync Client – OneDrive For Business

Groove Sync Client

Less prone to errors and more stable due to continuous enhancements

Was prone to errors and was less stable

Sync is fast

Sync was slow

File Size Sync limit is more

File Size Sync is less

Can only sync with OneDrive Online and SharePoint 2019

For SharePoint 2016 and older libraries, Groove is the only option