Need to update sync after moving document libraries

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Hi All,

I am migrating many of my older SPO collaboration sites to new Modern "Team" sites.  

Most of our users synchronize document libraries since it is much easier than working online.


After I move the libraries, will each user have to "Stop sync" for each and go to SharePoint to restart the sync from the new location?


I am hoping there is a tool to achieve this... (wishful thinking??)




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Since it’s new libraries users have to activate syncing on those!
You can set library syncing by gpo’s! There’s a few limitations though:


Hi @adam deltinger 

Thanks for the response.  I was afraid of that, I will look at the GPO, but I would have to set that up per user (over 500).  People only sync what they want to see..


Too bad there is no way to do an inline upgrade directly from an older SPO collaboration site to a "Modern" team site.


Thanks Again,