Migrate from G-suite to Onedrive

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Hi All,

We are in process of migration from G-suite to Onedrive. Problem that we have is the extra long paths and the docs that are from Word/Excel 97 file format. Is this file format still supported and what to do in this case.

For example:

  • when I try to save file I run into error invalid file name

  • When I try to open word doc, error message pops up server file updated --> When I click on the button Reopen document then I run into warning do you want to ignore changes

  • We run into this warning as well --> UPLOAD FAILED -- Your file wasn't uploaded because your changes can't be merged with changes made by someone else.

Please help

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@NT5000 You can still open older Office formats, but you are better off migrating them to the .*x formats that we've had since 2003. 

The rest of your post is not really comprehensible to someone without a whole more contextual information. You should file a support ticket with Microsoft if necessary. You may get help with a Word-focussed support group as it doesn't sound like a lot of this is actually a OneDrive issue, but you still need to supply tons more information for anyone to assist.