Extracting Onedrive/Sharepoint Link from an excel spreadsheet

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I have been trying to figure out how to enable a specific feature that allows me to copy a direct link from an open excel file to refer to its location to onedrive/sharepoint. On my desktop I have a drop down arrow that allows me to copy the link to clipboard (see EX1 & 2 below).


Although when I use a virtual machine I do not have the dropdown (see EX3 below).


Both machines have access to the sharepoint site and are synced via onedrive but I am not sure why the feature of copying the path is available on my personal computer but not on the virtual machine.


Any idea on how to enable this feature for the virtual machine to be like my personal computer?



Many thanks!!





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I dont know if its me but i cant see any attachments!

If it’s by the name of the document and then location this is probably related to office version!

What is the exact purpose of this? Do you need to know/send the full URL or just give access to doc via a link?
Otherwise you can just click share, choose the link you prefer! “People with access” don’t grant any new permissions! Instead of sending a link just click “copy link” and you have a link to the document that people with access already can click
From observing your screenshots, it appears the EX3 isn't connected or opening the file from SPO and is opening the file locally based on how the Autosave control is inactive. It's either connectivity issue or you have the option in OneDrive > Settings > Office tab > "Use Office applications to sync Office files that I open" unchecked. This needs to be checked for office to open files in coauth / auto save mode which usually lights up these features.

Also check File > Office account and in the About word section on the right, make sure your office client versions match. Some of that top bar stuff has been added in recent releases your VM may be behind.