Announcement: OneDrive brings new file collaboration and management features to the enterprise

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In today’s digital workplace, the amount of content produced is growing exponentially, and working relationships change by the day. To maintain productivity in this environment, it’s essential that people can easily access and collaborate on team files in and outside their organizations from anywhere, on any device.


Today, Microsoft is excited to announce availability of several new capabilities in OneDrive for Business that make it easier than ever to sync, share and collaborate on all your files in Office 365.


Here’s a look at what’s new:

  • Sync all your files anywhere, anytime across PC and Mac
  • Simplified file sharing in and outside your organization
  • Empowering administrators to manage with confidence
  • OneDrive for Business customer momentum


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Awesome, thanks!


Just tested, it looks really nice.

Awesome @Deleted- glad you got to test it out!



cc: @Stephen Rose

Whats the current version number on the new Client on Mac and Windows?

Excellent! Please update the changelog with the latest version number!


Is there anyway for the user to 'check for updates' to force an update?

This is all awesome, and was fairly painless for my org. We already have this fully running for all users! I'm already getting thank you notes from users who are incredibly happy they don't have to deal with groove.exe anymore Smiley Happy


Some quick feedback for you. The instructions on this page ( ) are not very clear, and some of them were completely unneccessary, at least for my org.


All we had to do was flip the new 'Sync client for SharePoint' setting to 'Start the new client' and wait a few hours and this was running for all users. That step should be called out very plainly and prominently, where all the rest with messing with registry, terminal commands etc should be better identified for when it applies. I'm guessing it fits for certain scenarios, but it was not needed for us.

I haven't been able to see the activity center display the changes within the syncing of files, is there a force update that needs to be made to the client?

Thanks for sharing this information. We already have 'Start the new client' enabled but I haven't received the update yet. Does anyone have an idea on how long this could take? And is it at all influenced by our Deferred deployment settings in Office ProPlus?

There are a few things you should check from down in the comments on the Office Blogs post. One of them is making sure you've done the January Office updates. Not sure, but I think the deferred channel might not have those yet?



So the implication is that the OneDrive updates are tied to the Office ProPlus updates? I always assumed they were separate since the documentation mentions it auto-updates but no mention of ProPlus that I saw.

Any idea where I can download the latest release? I've tried a few different places and get the 6743 build.

Thanks, Bruce...

I'm on 17.3.6743.1212 and all the new stuff is running. If that is what version you are on, there may be some other factors stopping you. You can try forcing Office updates potentially, but proceed at your own risk!


Go to any Office application (Word, Excel, etc) and do File --> Account --> Update Options button --> Update Now. You're on your own if you start getting angry emails or visits from IT. :)

With this version of OneDrive I still get OneDrive for Business (Groove.exe) doing the sync. For Office ProPlus we are on the First Release for Deferred Channel and there are no more updates to apply. I thought this sync behavior was driven by the OneDrive sync client and not an office component?

My understanding is the following:

  • OneDrive Build 17.3.6743.1212 behaves differently based on the fact that you have the preview reg key installed or not: without the reg key you don't get the new features; with the reg key you get the new features (but technically you are still running a preview, i.e. a beta). Newer builds will be released as GA and everyone will get the new features.
  • OneDrive NGSC (i.e. onedrive.exe) updates are (at least for now) released independently from Office 2016 C2R updates (which comprise instead Groove updates). Nevertheless, and not surprisingly, you need the latest Office 2016 C2R updates to leverage all the features that Office gives in connection to the latest OneDrive. See

I believe this announcement is GA for these new features. I have never added the preview registry keys on this machine and I have the new features already (although this account is on First Release in Office 365, not sure if that factors)