Shared with me folders/files appearing on Desktop

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Hi there,


I'm just wondering if someone could point me in the direction, as I'm sure it used to be possible.


Basically what I'm trying to do is if user A sets permissions for user/s to view and edit a document, I want that Folder/File to show in user B's Onedrive on their Desktop.


I know it shows for instance if a user is signed in to Word and goes to Open ->Shared With me.


But it would be very useful to have it pretty much like a network drive where users can easily browse through files/folders.





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Good suggestion for user voice if it isn’t already there. But currently you cannot do that. You can sync folders from other users one drives that you have access too but there isn’t a way to just sync the shared with me folder since it touches multiple one drives.

Ok Cheers, chris will take a look and see if its there.


bit disappointing really as even though its classed as other users onedrives, the functionality is already in place as the folders/documents show within the 'Shared with me' on OneDrive and through the office suite.

Hi Simon. You can map a network drive to your shared with me files using Zee Drive. If a user shares a file or folder with a colleague from their OneDrive for Business then it will show up in the other user's network drive that has been mapped to their "Shared with me".


Zee Drive also supports redirection to your desktop.


Please note that Zee Drive is a commercial tool.



cheers Miles,


yes I've seen that and its a very nice looking product, however I'm a firm believer in keeping costs/programs under one hood and avoid bolt-on costs/implementation/discontinued worries etc unless it makes perfect sense.


I look after over 400 users so a bolt on for me is a big commitment :)


This is feel will be resolved overtime, 365 and Win 10 platforms have been so far very good at ramping up features and keeping an eye on market trends to build in there own solutions.    

Hi Simon. Thanks for your kind words and that's great you have already had a look at Zee Drive! I certainly respect your approach to 3rd party tools. I would add we have customers start with smaller deployments targeting to users that may benefit most if an organisation wide deployment is too great a commitment or the return cannot be justified.


Many thanks!