Move and Copy of Files in OneDrive App for IOS in connection with Shared Libraries

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I would like to recommend some additional functionality for the OneDrive IOS app.


If we work with OneDrive in connection with Teams or SharePoint, we have to use SharePoint shared libraries to access files. OneDrive is missing some important functionality to handle files in this use case, esp. features to copy or move files are missing.


IOS is missing a good file manager as well. The built in Files app relies on 3rd party apps when it comes to cloud storage. That means, it will communicate with i.e OneDrive app to handle files in the cloud. And it only can do what OneDrive app offers.


So I would like to see copy and move functionality in the context menu of OneDrive IOS app when I work with shared libraries.


As a workaround we can use the web version of OneDrive. But that means a lot of context switching.

The usability is not good any longer. In my opinion, if the functionality is missing, working mobile or on the go with the app turns useless.


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Yes, please add copy and move functions to Excel and OneDrive for iOS. Unfortunately, these apps are of questionable value without these functions.


I need to go to a PC to copy Excel “master files” before I can use them with iOS. Rediculous.