Missing "Always keep on this device"

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I'm missing the "Always keep on this device" option in my right-click menu on this new Microsoft Surface machine I just received. Actually, I'm missing all OneDrive contex menu options. Here are some screenshots of my settings and version of Windows/OneDrive.








This screenshot is within SharePoint




I should be seeing this but it's not there.. can anyone assist?





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@drewmartell I had this problem on a new laptop with standard onedrive. It could be related to user account control settings. Mine was set to never notify bottom setting. I set it to always notify top setting and restarted and the onedrive options have now appeared. I then set it to notify only when the one below the top one and the options were still present. Might be worth a try but can't say it would be the same with onedrive for business. Can also be affected by group policy settings if your organisation imposes them. 

@cntoms Mine was also set to never notify, so I tried setting to the second-one from the top and rebooted, still nothing. I set it to the top setting and rebooted, still nothing, so I put it back to Never notify. 


My computer is not joined onto any domain - if that would have any merit, and there should be no policies applied.


See below for the admin sync settings for the org. I am logged into OneDrive with my company email belonging to this org - of which I am a full admin of.



Just an update: I forgot about this problem for the past month and I just checked now and it's there. It magically appeared after forgetting about it. I do keep my machine up-to-date so maybe a patch fixed it?